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Ayurveda consultation

Free Assessment Phone Call 

When you want to schedule a consultation session with us, you can call us and share your health issues and we will let you know whether our services will help you or not.

This call can take about 10-15 minutes and it’s absolutely free.

Depending on the time you contact us, you may be able to talk to us right away or you can leave a contact number and we will contact you as soon as possible


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Ayur Varma

Ayurveda Consultation

We strongly believe in taking the extra time and effort to carefully listen to our patients to find the root cause of their ailment.

At your first visit, we will take an in-depth patient history and case assessment. The focus is on finding and removing the causes of your disease by supporting the body’s own healing process, rather than suppressing symptoms with drugs and supplements.

A customized treatment plan with the required therapies, herbal remedies, dietary advice, and required changes in lifestyle, will be advised.

Fees 90$ per session.

Herbal Medicines

Ayurveda Therapies

Most of the ailments do not require any specific ayruvedic therapies.  The use of few herbal supplements, right diet and a few changes in the life style shall suffice. However, in the case of chronic pains, it may be necessary to undergo some therapies.

These therapies involve manipulation and activation of varmam points with medicated herbal oil. This is followed by herbal fomentation which is applied to the affected areas with the focus on the vital energy points. This relieves the inflammation, releases the spasm in the affected area, reduces degeneration and strengthens the supportive tissues holding the muscles joints and nerves.

Caution: Sujatha Rajendran is  a holistic practitioner, and not a licensed medical doctor in Canada and therefore you are advised to consult your own medical doctor before you commence any treatment/care based on her advice.


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