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What we do

What we do

Have you been to multiple healthcare providers and have been told there is nothing wrong with you but your health problem still persists? 

Are you worried about the temporary fixes to your chronic health issues and tired of taking multiple supplements?

Wondered why no one ever asked you about your diet, digestive health, stress levels or lifestyle habits and never highlighted the underlying causes and imbalances that were most likely affecting your health?

We can help.

At Sri Ayurveda, Mississauga,  we provide holistic and personalized solutions  which are natural, safe and effective under complimentary and alternative health care  system.   We are a warm, friendly practice providing Ayurveda in Toronto area.  

The practitioner, Sujatha Rajendran, BAMS, RH. is a well qualified and well experienced professional  having over 20 years of experience in the system of Ayurveda. She will listen intently to all of your concerns, identify the root cause of your illness and recommend   you a thoughtful and time-tested solution.

We provide our services to clients from overseas and all over Toronto and surrounding areas. Phone/Video Call consultation is available for those who live far away and cannot visit personally.  

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How is Sri Ayurveda different from other practices?

We pay attention to the detail, listen to you carefully and answer all your questions patiently.

We use unique combination of Ayurveda and varma  along with Ayurvedic herbs, yoga and dietary changes to treat chronic pain. 

We empower you to take your health in your own hands by sharing the tools you need to stay out of pain. We will teach you some home remedies which will be helpful in maintaining an optimum state of health.

Are you covered by OHIP?

No. We are not covered by OHIP.

We do not have any arrangements with insurance companies. If you have any private insurance, you can check with your insurers about the coverage. 

Do you provide ongoing support?

Yes. We understand that your needs don’t end when a session is over. We provide unlimited support between the sessions. You can call us, text us or email us and we will revert to you quickly. we do not charge any extra fee for such support. 


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What is Ayurveda 

Ayurveda, meaning the Science of life, is an ancient and holistic system of medicine, widely practiced in India for thousands of years.

It offers a body of wisdom designed to help people live healthy and long life. The focus of this system of medicine is that prevention is better than the cure. In Ayurveda you learn why diseases occur and what you can do to prevent and cure them.

According to Ayurveda, every person is made of five elements

Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth

These five basic elements   combine into three constitutions called doshas:

Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

We are  all made up of  one or two   doshas’ and they control how the body works. They constantly change in response to our actions, thoughts, emotions, the seasons, the foods we eat etc. As they move into and out of balance, the doshas affect our health.

Ayurveda, through natural therapies, herbal remedies and proper dietary practices balances these doshas and cleanses the body of substances that cause disease, and brings harmony and balance in the body, mind and spirit.

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